New Parking Lot at Redding Airport

Nov 4, 2013 5:38 PM

A new automated parking system was installed this weekend at the Redding Airport, eliminating the need for cashiers.

Under the new model, parking for four hours or less is free, which officials hope will eliminate congestion in the pick-up and drop off zones.

Officials believe the new automated parking design is simpler and will bring in more revenue.

The long term parking rate will be eight dollars a day.

If a customer is parked longer or shorter than antipated, they will be able to make an additional payment of receive a refund.

"Customers park in a numbered stall, they come to one of the pay stations located in the north end of the terminal building, and they input their stall number and choose their way to pay, credit card or cash, and you pay in advance for this," said airport manager Rod Dinger


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