New Mobile App Promotes Responsible Drinking

Nov 14, 2013 6:43 PM

A new mobile app being developed by a group of Chico State students is promoting responsible drinking. The app is a part of an existing social media campaign called Knights of the Night. The new app will act as a liaison between the public and local resources. People will be able to find local cab companies, emergency contact numbers, and a calendar of events happening at Chico State. The app will also be building on existing alcohol education classes at Chico State. Local businesses and on-campus organizations including C.A.D.E.C. and S.A.V.E. are fully supporting Knights of the Night. Project Manager Stephen Graydon says he hopes the app will reach as many people as possible. It will be launching November 21st during a launching party held at Sylvester’s Café at Chico State.


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