New Medical Device Makes Blood Tests Easier

Aug 10, 2012 9:52 AM

Getting blood drawn can be a painful process, but for some patients the days of getting pricked with a needle are over. For the past several months doctors and therapists in Chico have been using the Pronto-7 to do their blood tests. The device is mainly used to test hemoglobin levels in a person's blood.

Norman Howell, a respiratory therapist at North State Pulmonary Associates, says, "Every cell in your body has to have oxygen delivered and the only way that can occur is by hemoglobin carrying it, and this device instantly quantifies that for us. So if you were coming in and were short of breath or having problems with your breathing we can know instantly if hemoglobin is a factor in that."

The device can also capture a person's pulse and track how much oxygen their blood is carrying. Once doctors have the results, they can find out whether a patient is anemic and identify other blood disorders. Getting results is now easier too.The Pronto-7 has bluetooth capability so doctors can quickly print, share, and store data electronically. Howell says the new method is better all around than having to draw blood.

"(Drawing blood) was uncomfortable, and expensive, and took days to get results. Now we can get instantly off and our patients see the doctors immediately following our tests. we can see the results instantly. and it's pain free, and it costs less so everybody wins really," he says.

Patients like Robert Staley say they prefer the non-invasive approach as well.

"It's much more convenient. I hate to get poked. My veins are deep and they always have trouble hitting them so this is much better," he says.

Since the device has been on the market less than a year only a few doctors in the area are using it. The product's manufacturers say because it is non-invasive they expect to see more widespread use in the near future.


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