New Local Magazine Launched

Mar 27, 2012 7:52 PM

For Tara and Olav Smith, making the choice to start up their own magazine was a simple one. Both have made livings as college professors, but shrinking budgets and school cuts gave them the extra incentive they needed. And after months of hard work, they've launched Empirical Magazine. " Really excited for our adventure. We feel like we're doing the right thing and this magazine needs to be born," said Tara.
The magazine is based out of Chico, and features several local authors and artists. But it's not just the local feel that creators say will draw in the readers. The magazine also focuses on issues around the world. " It's everyone's magazine and I think everyone can benefit from reading our point of view," explained Tara. Dan O'Brien, editor for the magazine adds, " A lot of these people have never been published before, have never had the opportunity to have their photographs put in any kind of print. So we were just ecstatic to be able to include them."
It's also the wide array of topics that helps set the magazine apart. Readers can get amazing recipes and fill up on sports, then flip a few pages for some relationship advice, or take in the vibrant photography. " I think if we just get it in the hands of enough people to see it, the it will do well," said Olav.
The magazine is still getting off the ground, but the next few issues are already in the works. Starting in June it will be available at every Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and is also being sold locally at Lyon Books in Chico. Editors say those are just the first steps in spreading what the magazine has to offer. " We hope our readers will come away enlightened and really feeling good about themselves and making a positive difference in the world," said Tara.


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