New Laws Come Into Effect January 1st

Jan 1, 2016 8:37 PM by Anthony Peters

One of the most heated debates of 2015 centered around mandatory vaccinations for school children.
In June, Governor Jerry Brown signed senate bill 277 into law, requiring school children to be vaccinated to attend school. It also takes away non-medical exemptions. Schools will begin vetting students for shots in July for the 2016-2017 school year.

A pair of new gun laws are also being enforced. One of the laws bans concealed firearms on school and college campuses regardless of whether the owner has a concealed weapons permit. The other allows law enforcement to confiscate any firearms from a person whose family feels they are a threat to others.
Steve Dyke, co-owner of the Down Range shooting range, believes the new laws impede on law-abiding citizens.

"So, instead of making it easier for us to protect ourselves, we've actually taken the power of the people of the law-abiding citizens and given it back to the criminal," he said.

Throughout 2015, lower-income advocates across the nation argued in favor of increasing minimum wage to $15 an hour. Though, the state minimum wage won't see 15 dollars in the near future, the new year marks the second time in a year the minimum has been raised.
In July, the state minimum wage was raised to nine dollars an hour and in the start of 2016 saw it increase to 10 dollars.
Workers in minimum wage jobs are thankful:

"Sometimes i just feel like minimum wage doesn't cover everything you really need when you're a college student," Luc Nixon, a minimum wage employee said. "That extra dollar can go a really long way to helping me get everything i need."

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