New law gives bicyclists room on the road

Sep 2, 2014 7:47 PM

"In the last year we have seen an increase in bicycle fatalities" says California Highway Patrol Officer Adriana Warner.

The state is taking action when it comes to auto pedestrian accidents. A new law is going into effect giving bicyclists more room on the road. Motorists are required to give vehicles three feet of space.

"So that means a motorist needs to keep their eyes up on the road way and if they see a bicyclist they either need to slow down and watch for the bicyclist and if they decide to pass they need to give them three feet of space." adds Warner.

Warner warns drivers they could face fines if they don't follow this law that goes into effect September 16th.

"Somebody can be cited for violating this new law."

According to Statewide Integrated Traffic Records in 2012 there were 153 bicyclists killed in California. Bicyclists explain they are ready for a law like this.

"I have been hit I have gotten hit three times on a bike."

"It is a good law I hope it will change something."

Chico State foreign exchange student Awid Vvaziry says driving his bike in Chico is difficult.

"I think it is very important, I am here for a few months and I feel more uncomfortable to ride my bike than at home in Germany. "

Bicyclists resort to breaking the law and riding their bikes on the sidewalk. They say they feel safer away from motorists.

"Sometimes I don't drive on the streets because it is dangerous."

"I have seen several people get hit on the streets here in this town, and they will ride on the sidewalk and they will still get hit. "

CHP's goal is for everyone to share the road. Soon all wheels will legally have their space on California's streets.


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