New Jersey cop: Obama doesn't follow Constitution, we don't have to either

Aug 7, 2014 11:09 AM

HELMETTA, N.J. - A New Jersey police officer was caught on camera saying because President Barack Obama doesn't follow the Constitution, neither do police.

In the video, taken Monday at a borough municipal building, Steve Wronko recorded an argument between him and Special Police Officer Richard Recine, who was dispatched to the building because Wronko was seen taking pictures inside.

After Wronko insists he has a constitutional right to record in a public place, Recine said, "Obama has decimated the friggin' constitution, so I don't give a damn. Because if he doesn't follow the Constitution we don't have to."

Wronko turned to the person recording the video, which is described as a 13-year-old child in the YouTube description, to be sure that statement was recorded. Recine repeated himself.

Helmetta Police Director Robert Manney, who appears in the video after Recine had made his comments, called the incident an "embarrassment." And says Recine is now the subject of an internal investiagtion.

Wronko's wife told, she and her husband were at the municipal building to file public record requests. The couple have been pushing for reform at a local animal shelter, which they said gave them an underage and sick puppy that caused them thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills.

Jump to 2:20 for the officer's rant on President Obama.


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