New group to fight medical marijuana referendum efforts, stick up for approved ordinance

Feb 17, 2014 6:49 PM

A new group of Butte County citizens has put their hat in the ring, fighting any effort to overturn the board of supervisors on the recently approved medical marijuana ordinance.

One of “B-Sane’s” members tells Action News Now the problem is with the excess of marijuana we see in grown in Butte County.

Helen Harberts said members of “B-Sane” will show up wherever the referendum is being signed around the county.

It urges Butte County citizens to not sign the referendum, which would freeze the changes the board of supervisors made to the ordinance.

The biggest change being limits on grow sizes.

The new maximum grow size is 150 square feet for parcels larger than 10 acres.

Harberts is a retired Butte County prosecutor and probation officer, and spent years helping drug addicts.

She said there is no question marijuana can be abused, and said the excess that has grown in Butte County over the years is another abuse in itself.

“It is ripe for criminal syndication, which is what we're seeing,” Harberts said. “There are people who are growing because of a perceived medical benefit, there's people that are growing for a perceived medical benefit and to supplement their income, and there are people that are all about the money.”

“Nobody here is saying you can't have your medical marijuana,” Harberts said. “Nobody here is saying anything like that. What we're saying here is enough is enough. It's about the excess.”

Andrew Merkel, who with members of Butte County Citizens against Irresponsible Government, is distributing the referendum and initiative petitions.

He told Action News Now he's always happy to debate the issue in a public setting with “B-Sane.”


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