New Food Truck Opens in Chico

Mar 11, 2013 7:44 PM

Mike Janosz had been waiting two years to serve his first sandwich aboard the Chico Chuckwagon and he finally for the chance to do that Monday.
The city's newest food truck held it's first service parked along W. 6th Avenue near Enloe Medical Center, and Janosz says he was busier than he expected.
The former restaurant employee began working to open his own food truck two years.
The endevour began with a cross-country journey to pick up the shell of the truck and bring it back to Chico.
He then began designing the interior and installing it with the help of his father.
As the Chuckwagon was close to complete, Janosz began looking for a cooking partner and didn't have to look far; his brother Benji quickly volunteered.
For their maiden service the brothers limited the service to pastrami and BLT sandwiches along with various sides, and ended up serving more than 60 meals.
They are planning to add more sandwiches and items to the menu over the next week as they adjust to the routine.
The brothers will be letting fans know where they can grab a bite through the Chico Chuckwagon page that they set up on the popular social networking site.


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