New ER for Feather River Hospital

Jan 26, 2012 8:03 PM

Feather River Hospital Emergency room staff members treat more than 19,000 people a year. And with that number continuously growing, they say, it's time for a change.

Emergency Department Director Melissa Barnard says, "Emergency rooms have been becoming more crowded every year for the last several years throughout the country and in order to meet the demand people are needing to expand." And expand is right. The new emergency department is now 17,000 square-feet.

The new facility will not only be triple in size, it will also include 18 private rooms, a decontamination room, and the largest MRI in the north state. Barnard says the new technology and space will improve staff's ability to treat patients. "We know we're going to be able to see patients in a more timely manner, their experience is going to be better because they have more privacy, the nurses will be with the patients more.." But it doesn't stop there.

"We're transitioning our patient care to really focus on the patient experience," says Patient Care Services Vice President Gloria Santos.

Every last detail has been taken into consideration, even down to the color and lighting of the new 18 private patient rooms. And with the 40-million dollar upgrade, more staff is needed as well. Santos says, "We will be opening more nursing positions, more support staff, emergency tech positions..."

All to better assist the community. Santos says, "The employee experience is going to be better and so they're in a better position to give better care to the patients."

The unveiling of the new facility took place today in Paradise, with an official ribbon cutting ceremony.. But the emergency room will not be open for use until the end of next month.


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