New details regarding Chico banker charged with elder financial abuse

Feb 11, 2015 7:34 PM by Brian Johnson

A Chico banker remains behind bars tonight charged with elder financial abuse, and he's also banned from the banking industry for life.

"This is disturbing," Butte County District Attorney said.

Usually, Ramsey said, it's the trusted financial adviser that protects the elderly from financial abuse committed by their own relatives.

But in the case of 37-year-old Chico Banker Jeffrey McClure, police said he became the abuser-of a 91-year-old Chico woman who lives in a north Chico retirement home.

"He becomes the single point of contact in her financial life," Ramsey said. "As long as the bills are being paid and no one else is watching what's going on, it's pretty simple, unfortunately."

Prevention is the key, Ramsey said, but that can be pretty simple too.

His office, along with other agencies like Passages and Adult Protective Services, all help spread this advice to seniors at retirement homes around Butte County:

"Spread it around in the sense of having at least two people that know what their finances are and can help them-people that they do trust and have implicit trust with."

But it was McClure who became entrusted with this woman's finances, police said.

They said she would give him signed checks, leaving the dollar amount and pay to the order of, blank.

A Reuters report says McClure, a Wells Fargo Banker, then forged and deposited 36 checks totaling more than $88,000 into his own account.

For that, the report details, McClure was banned from banking by the FINRA.

Ramsey, who recalled a recent case where a man stole half a million dollars from his own mother, doesn't mince words when talking about those who steal from the elderly.

"These are people that probably have a very special place in hell reserved for them," he said.

McClure was booked into the Butte County jail yesterday for forgery, identity theft, embezzlement, and elder abuse with a bail of $250,000.

Wells Fargo could not comment on this case due to privacy issues.


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