New College Textbook Options

Aug 18, 2011 7:51 PM

Chico State Freshman Angela Stieber says, "I'm going to try to get used one.. Definitely because they're less expensive." "We're going to try and rent as many as possible," says freshman Matt Hurst.

Heading back to school for college students means hundreds of dollars spent on textbooks.. But for the very first time, Chico State has a brand new option.. Which could help students save hundreds of dollars. "Everyone's economic situation is different and with the times today purchasing may not be an option," says Chico State Wildcat Store Book Division Manager Linda Riggins.

The Chico State Wildcat Store has five different textbook options. Students can purchase new or used textbooks.. Then at the end of the year, Chico State will buy them back for up to 50 percent of their original cost. Or students have the option now, to rent them. Which promises out of the 3,000 titles in the bookstore, 80% of them will cost less than online rental sites like Chegg and Bookrenter. But there are other perks to in-store renting as well..

"If they drop a class, or if it's the wrong book.. We offer the return privileges.. There's no shipping," says Riggins. The last option is electronic books. Students actually have the option now, to get their books on iPads or Ereaders.. But surprisingly it hasn't been the choice for the majority of students..

And there are phone apps that can help with pricing as well. Amazon dot com has a price check app.. All you do is scan the bar code and a list of price options pop up.. To ensue you're getting the best deal.

But by offering all these options in campus bookstores, you can find the best deal while also keeping it 'in-house' so-to-speak. Which Riggins says goes directly back into benefits for the students. "It goes right back into campus and into their programs.. So they're really supporting themselves.."


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