New changes come to prestigious dog show

Feb 12, 2014 12:07 AM

A north state dog was up for best in show tonight at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Coco Posh, won in her herding group last night. Coco is the first Corgi to win in a herding group. Coco also won "best in breed" for the second year n a row.

This is the first year mixed breeds are allowed to enter the competition. We spoke to Drew Costa, a dog owner who brings his dogs to DeGarmo Dog Park in Chico. He thinks these new changes are good for the competition. “I think it's great. There's a lot of mixed breed dogs that have some great personalities that are cute and fun to look at. I think it's great that they're giving them a chance to be showcased and I’m all for it," said Costa. He also says with the new changes, he may start watching the competition.

Coco Posh is owned by Julie Divens of Red Bluff. Coco didn't win in the finals for the prestigious "best in show" tonight. That honor went to Sky, the Wire-haired Fox Terrier.


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