New Butte County PAC to fight Measure A medical marijuana rules

Jan 12, 2015 6:32 PM by Brian Johnson

Butte County's new restrictions on medical marijuana cultivation, otherwise known as Measure A, has been in effect for less than two weeks.

But a new Political Action Committee is already forming with plans of pushing back against Measure A, which they see as a waste of money that could be put to better use.

Liberty Rising says they'll soon begin offering private property classes for medical marijuana growers, where they'll offer information on how to defeat Measure A.

Above all, they say the goal is to end prohibition of marijuana in Butte County.

"With a few other tweaks we can maybe put permits on medical marijuana plants, so that they bring income to the county, so instead of spending millions, we can actually bring in millions," Liberty Rising's Sean Worthington said.

A Butte County Code Enforcement Officer tells Action News Now that he expects more opposition to Measure A once boots are on the ground, and that his team is simply enforcing what Butte County voters voted for in November.

You may remember that Measure A won by an overwhelming margin, with 62% voting yes on A, compared to only 33% voting yes on Measure B.


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