New Buildings Forming at Chico and PV High Schools

Feb 28, 2013 7:55 PM

Back here in the north state property owners within the Chico Unified School District are starting to see more of their investment take shape in the form of two major construction projects at both the Chico and Pleasant Valley high school campuses.

Action News Reporter Ross Field spent the day at each high school getting the latest on these two multi-million dollar school improvement projects.

There has been a lot of activity going on at both Chico high and Pleasant valley high lately. This new construction is being paid for by the 1999 Measure "A" parcel tax, and while learning in a construction zone has been a little distracting for students, school officials say the pay off will be worth it.

Loud noises and lots of banging. Angad Jhandi, a Pleasant Valley high sophomore says it's not exactly the best environment to learn in.

"I have chemistry right next to construction and I'm right by the door and I get headaches all the time because of the banging," said Jhandi.

According to Micahel Weissenborn, the Director of Facilities and Construction for the Chico Unified School District, Jhandi is in luck.

The new buidling projects at both Chico high and Pleasant Valley high are moving along quite nicely.

"We are getting to the point where your campuses are going to be a little bit easier to live on and a little bit easier to get around," said Weissenborn.

Coming to Pleasant Valley in the near future will be a new two-story, 24 classroom facility.

wWissenborn said the structural steel and lightweight decking on the 2nd floor is now complete.

Across town at Chico high, the gym walls are up and the concrete slabs have been poured on the new fitness lab and Lincoln Hall project.

"We're also putting on that campus a fitness laboratory that'll be in the back of the existing gym to hand the P.E. classrooms. We hope these new buildings meet their needs in the future," said Weissenborn.

Weissenborn told us the dry winter has enhanced the progress of these two major construction projects at each school and they are now on schedule to be complete by October or November of 2013 and that's something students can appreciate."

"I think it'll be really cool to go into a nice gym that's all brand new and be able to dance in there," said Adriana Salas.

"I'm definitely excited for next year because like we don't have a lot of room for activities like dances will definitely be something exciting," said Natalie Hardy.

"I think it'll be really fun to study especially because it's going to be multiple stories. I think that'll be kind of fun and I hope there will be a bunch of windows so we can like see stuff and the sunlight can come in, that'd be nice," said Jhandi.

Weissenborn said the total cost of the construction projects is $25 million dollars.


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