New Brewery Expanding Rapidly

Mar 29, 2013 7:28 PM

As he was pouring pints Wednesday night, Jeff Hansen reflected on what brought his brewery to Redding.

“Redding was the largest city on the west coast without a brewery, so that was huge. Why did Redding not have a brewery,” said Hansen.

Acting on faith, Hansen and his wife opened Wildcard in November, not knowing how quickly it would grow.

“Then we just keep seeing repeat customers, more people coming in, more growler fills, more people staying for a pint,” said Hansen.

Redding has taken a liking to the brews; in addition to pouring at the tasting room, 20 local bars and restaurants have some of the 5 beers on tap.

“I think the local thing is what gets our foot in the door, and the beer is what kinda keeps us there. If we were not local, it would just be another good beer,” said Hansen.

“So our whole mission is really to expose people to all the incredible unique beer that is out there,” said Brian Kanabrocki who owns Handle Bar, one of 6 Chico bars to start pouring Wildcard this week.

“We were pretty shocked by how good the quality of the beer was,” said Kanabrocki.

Signing a distributing contract last week, Wildcard is also headed to Southern Oregon, meaning soon, they will need to produce more beer.

Hansen does not hide the fact that he actually brews in Santa Cruz, but by August the Redding brew house will be installed. Still, he plans to keep it local.

“It’s not a numbers game, its being part of the community. That is what breweries through history have been,” said Hansen.


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