Neighbors shocked and saddened over murder-suicide in Dairyville

Aug 11, 2014 8:28 PM by Brian Johnson

A tragic murder suicide in Dairyville this weekend is even more heart-wrenching, because now six children are now without their parents.

And now even more heartbreaking because Action News Now learned this afternoon that the victim, Jenilee Sides, appears to have been pregnant. She posted an ultrasound picture on Facebook just last week.

Neighbors say this was a nice family and never would have expected this to happen.

From above, a CHP helicopter eventually found 34-year-old Justin Sides in a Dairyville field, dead of a shotgun wound to the head.

This was after authorities got a call from him just after 4am saying he had shot his wife and was going to kill himself.

Thirty one year-old Jenilee Sides was already dead in the couple's driveway of a gunshot wound in the abdomen.
All neighbors on Electric Avenue Action News Now spoke with are shocked, and never thought this would happen.

Jerry Van Dyke, two houses over, said he woke up to the sound of the chopper overhead, and soon found out who they were looking for.

"And then he said [Justin] and I thought whoa I couldn't believe that. I just couldn't believe it," Van Dyke said.
Van Dyke said Sides occasionally came over to look at his boats.

Van Dyke added he was clean, neat, and always busy.
The six kids, who neighbors say the couple loved dearly, were taken by Child Protective Services.
Melody Proebstel with Catalyst Domestic Violence Services said that's the toughest part to swallow.

She said domestic violence happens in cycles, with periods of abuse, always followed by loving and caring phases.
"I don't know a whole lot about them but I did see that there was a dissolution of marriage filed in 2004 so they have been together at least for more than 10 years," Proebstel said. "So there's definitely the potential for having that cycle having gotten more and more intense and escalated."

Action News Now found that there was a case of domestic violence in 2001 between Jenilee and Justin Sides.
The Sheriff's Office also said there was a temporary restraining order, though not currently active.

And though Facebook might indicate the relationship was healthy, obviously it wasn't.

"So I do wonder if she was in the driveway...was she trying to leave? Because literally from the point when somebody decides that they're going to leave and up to six to nine months after they leave, that's when they're most likely to be killed," Proebstel said.

"Behind closed doors you don't know what goes on," Van Dyke said.

Catalyst said gun access is the strongest risk factor for death in an abusive relationship.

They also said those that experience domestic violence in the home are five times more likely to be killed by their partner if a gun is there


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