Neighbor complains about parrot that curses in Spanish

May 15, 2015 11:55 AM by News Staff

TRACY, Calif. (AP) - A parrot in Northern California that can bark like a dog, meow like a cat, whir like a drill and who whistles to passers-by is upsetting his neighbors because the bird also curses in Spanish.

KCRA-TV reports Jessica Baca is accusing the bird, named Rula, of constantly saying "whore" in Spanish.

Baca says her grandkids began repeating the word after hearing the parrot say it.

Rula's owner, Rita Canisales, says Baca isn't hearing correctly and that the bird is not bilingual.

She says the parrot is actually saying his own name, which sounds similar to the offending word.

But Baca recorded the bird and says she has proof.

Tracy Animal Services Supervisor Ben Miller says he has received several complaints about Rula's loquaciousness. He says there is no bilingual staff to confirm if the bird is indeed cursing.


Information from: KCRA-TV

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