Neel Kashkari campaigns in Chico

Nov 3, 2014 11:43 AM by News Staff

Neel Kashkari made a campaign stop in Chico Sunday in attempt to rally a few more voters and make the most of the last weekend before Election Day.

Polls show Governor Jerry Brown with a commanding lead over the former U.S. Treasury official, but Kashkari is not going down without a fight.

Kashkari spent Sunday morning at the Republican Headquarters in Chico, meeting with supporters and speaking on hot button issues like education, the drought, stabilizing the economy and keeping jobs in California.

Kashkari told the crowd it was important he made Chico one of his campaign stops. "Chico is really important, we saw a great turn out today and enthusiastic supporters. I'm trying to reach the whole state, especially people who don't get as much attention as they deserve.... Fighting on their behalf" Kashkari said.

Protestors greeted Kashkari on his way in and out of town.

Governor Jerry Brown made his final campaign stop Saturday near his family's ranch in Williams.


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