National Redding blogger reveals tips on how to save big when you shop

Jul 2, 2014 8:09 PM by Angela Musallam

A Redding man with a national cult following, after he cracked the code to getting big savings at big stores.

Kyle James was tired of paying full-price for everyday items, so he started a blog 5 years ago to help you snag what you want at rock-bottom prices.

It's always good to save a few dollars here and there -- but what if you can save even more every day?

"I'm always looking for unique ways to save money."

So Redding-based Kyle James of went straight to work.

He walked into different stores and asked what many of us don't: when can we find the best deal?

"At CVS a manager told me that they do their markdowns on're gonna get your best deal...I just had a JC Penney employee e-mail me and say come in on the first and third Friday of the month."

James made a complete list of which stores offer their best deals -- and when to score them.

"A lot of these stores take coupons on top of clearance items so be sure to get a printable coupon..."

Want to make sure you're getting the biggest bang for your buck? There's an app for that -- Red Laser allows you to scan an item, then it will list where you can find it at the lowest price.

"You can actually tell by looking at the price tags...especially at the upper right hand corner...that's the percent off of original price..."

Target marks down clearance items every 10 to 14 days, and if the item isn't selling, that number on the corner of the price tag will keep going up.

Costco even has its own numbers game -- the trick isn't the dollar's the number after the decimal.

"If it ends in 97 it's a clearance price...if it has an asterisk in the upper right hand corner it means it's gonna be discontinued."

Learning the tricks of the trade will surely keep your wallet loaded.

" can easily save 30..40..50%."

Kyle James has been bargain hunting for the last 12 years -- he has a cheat sheet available on his website for your bargain needs.

Visit the rather be shopping home page here, and also be sure to check out the Insider Tips on Markdowns.


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