Narcotics Operation Raided At Senior Living Apartments

Oct 28, 2015 8:40 PM by News Staff, Photo: BINTF

A raid at an Oroville housing complex has led to the arrest of four people and the seizure of methamphetamine, marijuana, and weapons.

Butte County drug agents, along with the Oroville Police Department and Butte County Sheriff’s Office raided three units at Bunny’s Leisure Apartments on Montgomery Street around 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Thomas Hall, 33; Melissa Bassetti, and Danny Forbes, 40, all of Oroville were all arrested on charges related to the sale of marijuana and narcotics, while Michael Aucone, 55, was cited for possessing a small amount of heroin.

Three apartments at the complex were raided and BINTF agents spent about three hours on the scene combing through evidence. Officials say the units raided have been the subject of several complaints.

Ten pounds of marijuana and 19 grams of meth were seized, as well as paraphernalia, packaging and scales.

Neighbors say all of the people arrested have a long history with drug related offenses.


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