Nano needles revolutionizing medical treatment

Apr 1, 2016 8:15 PM by News Staff

This is where the magic happens the research laboratory at the New York Center for Nanomedicine research. The next step in nano-medicine research is a patch that would make certain medical treatments painless.

But research is underway here in downtown buffalo.

The patch uses nano technology microneedles to transmit medication and test blood sugar levels through microneedles so small you don't feel them.

Scott Patrick Sellitto was part of the original team which developed nano patch technology.

He and his team say this "personalized" treatment is whats next.

The team is using nano medicine for allergies: it’s a global project- to slowly, over time help you develop immunity if you’re allergic to certain food.

After 24 hours you change the patch and it will help people, particularly kids, to be able to tolerate eating peanuts.

Leaders say the future for the patch is to take it into the field and use it in developing countries.


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