Mt. Shasta optimistic for season after Monday's snowfall

Nov 3, 2015 12:14 PM by News Staff

As rain and thunderstorms hit the valley, the higher elevations saw some snowfall Monday raising the hopes of people near Mt. Shasta.

A good amount of snow fell around 7,000 feet, near Bunny Flat, and Jim Mullins, Executive Director of the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce says they’re ready and excited.

“We're all ready for winter up here, it's been a couple years since we've had a good strong winter, with the El Nino predictions we're looking forward to having a wet winter and by this last storm you can see we're getting some cold air from the north with some wet weather from the south, which usually creates a nice snow pattern here in the Mt Shasta during the winter”, Mullins said.

Mt. Shasta has already collected some good snow cover, and the McCloud area reported heavy rain Monday.

Local businesses have managed to adapt to the last few dry winters, but the community is hopeful and for a good winter, and it looks like Monday’s storm was a good start.


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