Movie Shoot Underway in Oroville

Mar 28, 2013 8:01 PM

About 70 actors and crew members are working to recreate the hours leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the hills north of Oroville.
It’s all part of a new feature length film, "The Desire of the Ages."

"It is a series of flashback sequences that cut into the last closing hours of Christ's life," writer & co-director Nancy Hamilton-Myers said.

Writer and co-director Nancy Hamilton-Myers, who runs her own production company in Oroville, says she's wanted to make this movie for the past decade and compared the story to "The Passion of the Christ" with less violence and blood.

"We wanted to play down the physical suffering and dig into the mental suffering of Christ," Myers said.

Although the budget for the movie is just $50,000, Hamilton-Myers and her co-director Desiree Orozco say it should feel like a much bigger movie because the actors, who have come from all over the state, are working for free.

"As a Christian as well I love the way god is working and I love the people," Co-director Desiree Orozco said.
"The reason we can do it on this budget is because a lot of the professional actors that have come from San Francisco and Los Angeles have volunteered their time movie itself," Myers said.

The movie is expected to be released around this time next year.
In addition to the feature, the group plans to release sections of the flashbacks as teacher's aides for Sunday school classes.


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