Mother Killer Accepts Plea Deal

Mar 28, 2013 7:23 PM

The man charged with murdering his mother in Chico and dumping her body in a septic tank has accepted a plea deal ... pleading "no contest" in court late Thursday afternoon.
In exchange, District Attorney Mike Ramsey said 45-year-old Anthony Yee will face life in prison, but not the death penalty.
Yee was charged with first degree murder for using a hammer to kill his mother Judith Nathan, when she refused to let him stay with her after his parole from prison.
Police recovered her body from the septic tank behind her home in December of 2011.
Yee has a history of mental illness.
Ramsey told Action News he is happy with the agreement, because the plea will avoid a lengthy death penalty trial, a second trial to determine whether yee was sane at the time of the murder, and years of potential appeals.


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