Mother, boyfriend to be charged in 'Baby Doe' death

Sep 18, 2015 5:02 PM by NBC News

Authorities have identified a little girl known as "Baby Doe" whose body was found in a trash bag on a Boston beach three months ago, and her mother and boyfriend will be charged in her death, officials said Friday.

The girl's name was Bella Bond, officials said. She was just 2 1/2 years old, the prosecutor said.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said the boyfriend, Michael Patrick McCarthy, killed Bella, and the child's mother, Rachelle Bond, was an accessory after the fact. "This child, whose very name means beauty, was murdered," he said.

"We allege that McCarthy caused Bella's death, that he did so intentionally, that he and Bond took specific steps to keep Bella's death a secret and to avoid prosecution," Conley told reporters at a news conference Friday.

The break in the case came when a tip was phoned into the Boston Police Homicide Unit. A senior New England law enforcement official told NBC News the Massachusetts State Police were then notified.

"At just shy of three years old, Bella Bond was a true innocent," Conley said. "And the tragedy of her death is compounded by the fact that her short life ended not by illness or accident, but we believe by an act of violence in the very place where she should have felt safest, in her home."

Rachelle Bond, 40, was arrested Friday in connection with the case, an officialtold NBC affiliate WHDH. Her boyfriend, Michael Patrick McCarthy, 35 is under guard at Beth Israel hospital in Boston, where police found him. He is at the hospital for reasons not related to the case.

The pair will appear in court Monday, Conley said. Both Rachelle Bond and McCarthy are known to police and have criminal records, a senior official said.

The cause of the girl's death had yet to be determined, and there was no information on what charges might be filed.

Gov. Charlie Baker said child-services workers had had contact with the girl twice, in 2012 and 2013, and that both cases were closed.

Police learned the girl's identity after searching a Boston home on Thursday night, WHDH reported.

The identification appeared to resolve a mystery that drew wide attention. A social media campaign sought to figure out what had happened to the girl. Billboards across the city displayed a computer-generated image of her and asked: "Did You Know Me?"

The girl's body was found in a bag on Deer Island in Boston Harbor on June 25. The girl was dressed in white pants with black polka dots, and a zebra-print blanket was left in the bag.

Investigators analyzed pollen found clinging to her pants to determine that she probably lived in the area.

"The amount and the types of pollen that were on those items suggest that she was from the Boston area," Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley, told NBC News last month. "That's somewhat reassuring, because that's been a theory from the start."

Because Baby Doe's body was only in the early stages of decomposition, detectives thought she had been killed not long before she was found. The pollen analysis buoyed suspicions that Baby Doe was placed on Deer Island, rather than the idea that she washed up there after drifting from a faraway coastline.

The girl had pierced ears and appeared to be well-nourished.


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