Mother and Daughter Ask for Publicâ??s Help in Completing FFA Mural

Aug 30, 2013 4:00 PM

By Nick Dobis, News Web/Social Media Producer

The Las Plumas High School’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) program has given a lot to 51-year-old Sandy Douglas of Oroville. She’s been trying to return that gratitude by completing a mural on the school’s campus.

“I am donating my time to do this act of love for the LP FFA chapter,” said Douglas. “I love the program for what it has meant to my children. My oldest daughter Alexandria is a recipient of the All American FFA degree and my daughter Sara is working towards hers.”

The only thing holding her back from completing the mural is a lift, both literally and figuratively.

“My problem is, I no longer have a mechanical lift to be able to do the mural. It is 22' tall by 42' long.”

The vision for the mural was first realized by Jim Knapp, a teacher at Las Plumas High and has been with the school’s FFA program for 22 years.

“I’ve been thinking about this project for about 15 years,” said Knapp. “I thought about how that wall just ‘stares’ at you. For while it was ‘let’s do this’ or ‘let’s do that’, but the talk ended up being cheap for a long time.”

When the mural was approved by the school, Sara, Douglas’ daughter who’s currently a senior at the school, mentioned the project to her mother. Douglas was immediately interested and Sara completed the initial outlines for her mom the end of last year.

Knapp said Del Mar Rentals was great in donating a lift for Douglas for three months this summer, but some of Douglas’ physical disabilities made it difficult for her to complete the project before the start of school.

“Because of her physical condition, she’s not capable of finishing the project by working eight hour days,” said Knapp. “But she really wants to see it through and the program will do what it can to help her accomplish that.”

Douglas is a disabled Navy veteran who was discharged in 1986. Douglas states she still suffers from fibromyalgia as a result of her service which has made finishing the mural a challenge.

“It has been very difficult to finish the project because of the pain and the weather, but the FAA program has meant so much to me and my family that I really want to see it through,” said Douglass. “This is not about me looking for credit, it’s about getting it done as a gift for the program.”

Douglas stated the mural will not only include images serving as testaments to the program at Plumas High, but will also include a list of both FFA All American Recipients from the school as well as the names of those who donated to the mural.

“Anything the community can do to help is great, either in the form of a financial donation or by donating scaffolding equipment or a lift,” said Knapp. “We understand that times are tough right now, but either way, this project is going to get done.”

Those who are interested in donating equipment or funds to the mural project can contact Jim Knapp by calling 530-370-2133. You can view more photos of the mural on our Facebook page at


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