Mosquito Season Starting Early This Year

Mar 13, 2014 8:10 PM

The dry weather in California is creating some unwanted conditions, especially here in the Northstate.

"Anywhere from storm drains, ponds to swimming pools, there's lots of water in Shasta County."

And now that it's warming up again, that means mosquito season. Al Shabazian is hunting for mosquitoes at this pond near Airport Road in Redding.

This area is one of many in the region home to mosquitoes which could possibly carry the West Nile Virus.

"We've had an unusually warmer winter, so people are seeing more mosquitos."

Last year, the aedes aegypti mosquito species began popping up in certain parts of California, sparking concern about yellow fever.

"We are concerned, I think statewide we're always keeping an eye out fir when new and exotic mosquito species come into the state; you never know if you're gonna be the next county."

Although Shasta County hasn't run into the mosquito species that carries yellow fever, they're taking extra precaution against any mosquito breed.

"Mosquito technicians are actively searching for mosquitos."

If the technicians find a large presence of mosquito larvae, they have several options for treatment.

One of them--mosquito fish.

The district raises them indoors and releases them into ponds, or even swimming pools if the area requires treatment.

"We're planting fish in February, which is unheard of; normally we start planting fish in May or June."

Al says his district typically treats areas when mosquito numbers are low, to prevent non-native species from entering the region.

"We're hitting the area hard and doing our job to keep the people safe."

Anyone worried about mosquitos in their area can call the district for an inspection.

"please give us a call, we don't want them getting out of the water."

The yellow fever disease is especially hard to distinguish from the common cold or flu, especially in its early stages.

Yellow fever can be fatal, although it is rare.


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