More Wind For The Ridge

Dec 30, 2014 9:22 PM by Kris Kuyper

Tuesday was a very windy day around the North State, with 52 mph gusts in Redding and 46 mph north wind gusts in Red Bluff. Everyone else in the Valley saw 25 to 40 mph gusts. It was very windy on the Ridge as well, with the Jarbo Gap anemometer recording a 66 mph gust!

The Valley winds will drop to 10 to 25 mph overnight. A few gusts to 35 mph are possible Wednesday morning in Shasta and Tehama counties, but everyone's winds should be diminishing by tomorrow evening. Strong surface high pressure to our north has been pushing a lot of air southward, creating the gusty winds. This surface ridge will weaken and move inland, allowing the winds to weaken dramatically by Wednesday night.

The Ridge will see gusty Jarbo Gap winds overnight, although not as strong as last night. But the surface gradient is still strong, so the winds will be gusty again near the Feather River Canyon (near Pentz Rd). The peak of the Jarbo Gap winds is usually between Midnight and Noon, and that's what should happen again tonight. Those winds could be back again Wednesday night, although they'll be lighter.

The extended forecast is pretty quiet... and cold. Upper level high pressure will continue to guide the storm track northward and keep us dry for the first week of January. Overnight low temperatures will be at or slightly below freezing, while daytime highs will struggle to get to 50 in the Valley. A chilly start to January!


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