More West Nile Virus activity detected in Shasta County

Jun 24, 2015 11:32 AM by News Staff

Shasta County officials say they have found more activity of West Nile Virus near Anderson, and all signs point to the 2015 mosquito and disease season starting earlier and lasting longer than ever.

The Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District confirmed that a sentinel chicken, part of a flock located in Anderson, tested positive for West Nile virus antibodies.

The District maintains several chicken flocks in various parts of the county as disease sentinels. Blood samples are taken and tested every two weeks.

This is the earliest West Nile virus positive in a sentinel chicken in the Shasta County. "The last two years have shown strong evidence that our mosquito and disease season is starting earlier and lasting longer than before; this West Nile positive chicken is further evidence that supports that idea," said Peter Bonkrude, District Manager.

So far this year one Shasta County bird has died of West Nile and one chicken has tested positive. Statewide there are now 23 counties with West Nile activity and 77 dead birds. No human cases have been reported.


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