More website problems for Covered CA on last day to sign up

Mar 31, 2014 6:53 PM

Here in Chico, a certified Covered California agent said today was a tough one. Larry Ritchie owns Chico Health Insurance, otherwise known as Talk to Larry.

Ritchie has been in the insurance business since 1985. He said he and his wife have signed up around 300 people across the state since enrollment began.

He added that most of his customers have been satisfied with their new premiums, even if they don't have the same doctor.

He had a handful of calls today, but found more problems with the Covered California website.

Ritchie was close to heading down to Sacramento today for a sign-up seminar, but his friend told him because of Covered California website problems, nothing was happening.

“He says the place is full of people wanting to sign up,” Ritchie said. “It's an agents dream, but literally you can't get on. Like we just showed you, trying to get online--you can't do it.”

Ritchie also voiced concern about one specific part of the website—making changes to your income level.

“If your income changes, as it stands right now, there's no way that we have been told in order to make that adjustment. And yet they're telling us that we have to make it.”

Ritchie said because the "make changes" button literally doesn't work to change income figures, he's been told to cancel policies and start new ones for those customers.

There is an extension until April 15th for those who have started the sign up process and gone through the "apply for benefits" page.

And as of just a little bit ago, Covered California announced that due to record-setting traffic to the site today, they will allow anyone that couldn't start the sign-up today, to do so by April 15th.


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