More Valley Fog Friday Morning

Feb 19, 2015 8:50 PM by Kris Kuyper

Foggy conditions again as we started our Thursday in the Valley... and it looks like one more morning of it possible Friday. Breezy but no fog this weekend!

Thursday morning started out foggy in the entire Sacramento Valley, but very little (if any) fog in the mountains. The fog burned off slowly through the day, but will be back overnight especially south of Red Bluff. A slowly increasing north wind should help the fog burn off quicker Friday, and should prevent it from re-forming Friday night. Plenty of sun is on tap this weekend, but a breezy north wind will gust 10 to 25 mph in the Valley. This wind will develop in response to a potent (but relatively dry) storm which will drop into the North State from Oregon. We won't see any wet weather from it, but a few snow showers are possible around Lake Tahoe, and it should cool us down some as it breaks down high pressure a bit.

The north breezes last into early next week, as does the sunshine. Clouds finally return late next week in response to a weak but cool storm heading our way. Models are no bringing a bit of rain to us by Saturday, although it doesn' t look like a whole lot. Longer range models are trying to bring in much more rain in early March, and these could be cool storms (with lower snow levels... not to the Ridge, but to Lake Tahoe/Almanor levels). But until then... sunny and a bit breezy this weekend.


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