More rain on the way!

Mar 7, 2016 9:57 PM by Kris Kuyper

After a weekend of wild weather, we enjoyed a break in the rain today. That break in the rain won't last long, however... much more is heading our way!

The storm door remains wide open. This past weekend saw heavy rain and gusty winds hammer us, but we saw a break in the wild weather Monday. That will continue Tuesday, but look for clouds to thicken up by the afternoon, in response to our next storm approaching us.

The next storm will arrive Wednesday, but doesn't look too strong... just showers. Stronger storms will arrive later this week (and this weekend!) The storms this weekend should have some wind with them, but nothing like what we saw Saturday night!

Overall, it's looking like we could pick up another 1.5" to 3" of rain between Wednesday and Saturday night. If you're close to flooding right now, all this additional rain might bring flood waters to you. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the last dry day in a while, so it's a good day to prepare if you need to.

The lakes continue to rise after all this rain. As of Monday evening, Lake Oroville has risen 20 feet since Friday! Shasta Lake has risen 9 feet, and Trinity Lake has risen 11 feet. And there's still plenty of water draining into these lakes to help fill them, even on a dry day like today!

So, enjoy Tuesday's morning sunshine. It might be the last time we see the sun for about a week!


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