More parents in Shasta County object to vaccinating their children

Jul 17, 2014 8:27 PM

More parents are now questioning the need for vaccinating their children.

Vaccines are generally required for children as they prepare to enter school, but California is one of the only states in the U.S. where parents can opt out altogether.

It's a growing concern with parents around the U.S. and here in Shasta County -- are vaccines really necessary?

"Vaccines are absolutely necessary...they're the absolute best protection that you could hope to get against vaccine-preventable diseases..."

More parents are now objecting to vaccine recommendations for their children.
Over the last 5 years, 8% of parents in Shasta County refused to get their children vaccinated because of personal beliefs.

"I don't believe in vaccinations...I wasn't vaccinated as a child."

Redding mom Sage Brandt is one of those parents who doesn't believe vaccines are effective.
She stopped vaccinating her 2-year old daughter Sammi after she broke out in an allergic reaction.

"She was breaking out with welts all over her body..."

Maran says an adverse reaction like that is very rare, and didn't mention alternatives for people allergic to vaccines.
Sage now has her daughter on a raw-food diet, and says she's never been healthier.

"She's never had to take ear infections or anything..."

According to Maran, one reason for the decrease in immunizations is the hypothesized link to autism.
The Shasta County Department of Public Health noted 20 different studies they say all came to the same conclusion.

"The rate of autism in unvaccinated and vaccinated kids are exactly the same."

Shasta County should be between a 90 and 95-percent threshold for child immunizations -- 77-percent of children entering kindergarten haven't yet completed their vaccine rounds, or aren't vaccinated at all.


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