More Details Revealed in Manville Fire

Oct 14, 2013 6:26 PM

Firefighters in Willows now know what started a destructive business fire over the weekend. The fire started Saturday around 6:30am. At the 'Johns Manville Insulation Plant' on County Road 48.

The plant was operating at the time. Workers reported the fire.

Fire Chief Wayne Peabody says a piece of 'slag' or hot piece of glass fell into the fiberglass mat and ignited the fire. About fifty truckloads of insulation were destroyed. Local and paid firefighters from seven different agencies responded to the blaze, which took about 32 hours to completely put out.

No injuries were reported.

There have been a couple of fires at the location in the last six years. The plant manufactures building insulation and commercial roofing products.


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