More bodies recovered from AirAsia flight 8501

Dec 31, 2014 8:27 PM by Debbie Cobb

PANGKALAN BUN, Indonesia (AP) - The weather has improved dramatically in the Java Sea area off Indonesia where searchers are looking for victims of AirAsia Flight 8501.

It dropped from radar four days ago. Skies are blue and the sea calm after a day of high winds and rough surf.

Two more bodies have been recovered, bringing the total to nine of the 162 people who were on the flight when it vanished Sunday half way through a two-hour flight from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore

Sonar images identified what appeared to be large parts of the plane, but strong currents were moving the debris.

Choppy conditions on Wednesday prevented divers from entering the water, and helicopters were largely grounded. But 18 ships surveyed the narrowed search area.

It is still unclear what brought the plane down. The answer may be contained in the flight data recorders.

On Wednesday, about 100 relatives gathered for an airport prayer service. A pastor urged them to hold onto their faith despite their pain. About 40 members of one church died in the crash.


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