Moore's Flour Mill expansion project almost underway

Dec 8, 2014 7:40 PM by Charlene Cheng

Moore's Flour Mill in downtown Redding is housed in a modest building on Shasta Street.

Blink and you'd likely miss it, but it's similar to when Bob Moore opened it almost 40 years ago.

"On the outside I guess it doesn't look a lot different, the trees are bigger, but inside we've jammed it all full of stuff," he said.

The small flour business started out as a retail shop, but has risen to a large-scale mill with product being transported to wholesale buyers all over the country.

"We probably put 25 to 50 tons out of here, just different things that we do, flour and wheat and grain and cereals and different things," Moore said.

Of course, a successful business like this one keep expanding.

Moore is just waiting for the weather to clear up, before he'll be breaking ground on a 60,000 square foot production plant near the Redding Airport.

"One of the things that we're hoping to achieve in the new facility is all updated sanitation standards. Food safety issues have come a long way since we moved into here," Moore said.

Valued at $3.5 million, the new facility is just proof that he's dealing in a recession-proof industry.

"We've certainly expanded through the entire recessionary period, and that's partly because we're selling basic foods that will always be part of our diets," Moore said.

With a passion for his life's work, he still has dreams to achieve.

"Really, what I really liked to do maybe as I get older and wind down is I'd like to build a replica of a water-power flour mill, something that would have been typical of the 1800's. Once I've done that, I will feel like I have attained my goals," Moore said.

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