Money Pouring in on the Butte County Med Pot Measures Front

Oct 11, 2014 2:33 PM

Two competing ballot measures regarding rules on growing medical marijuana in the Butte County; Measure A and Measure B, have already raised more than $130,000 in campaign donations.

In short, a vote for Measure A would essentially reaffirm the county's current rules on growing medical marijuana on county lands with the largest growing area allowed at 150 square feet for land 10 acres or more.

Measure B would allow a certain number of mature and "immature" plants on a range of certain acreage sizes with a maximum of 99 plants on 40 acres or more. For more information on both measures, go to this link to the Butte County Elections website:

Meanwhile, supporters of Measure B have poured in nearly $100,000. The following is a list of contributors who have given more than $100 in cash or in-kind contributions to support Measure B as of Sept. 30:

Jerome Camp $1,000
Julia Carrell $2,000
Andrew Merkel $3,548.77
Andrew Merkel $3,548.77
Daniel Salmon Jr. $500
Mark T. Sweany $2,400
Valerie J. Paul $200
Mnnemaria Rajala $500
Josh Secmidt $500
Judith Schreuder $1,000
Judith Schreuder $1,000
Jill Stewart $1,000
Mark T. Sweany $2,400
The Garden Connection $4,500
The Worm Farm $4,000
Kori Haleck $500
Roger E. Hanson $500
Robert Hursh $200
Dale Irwin $2,000
Debra A. Lemke $1,000
Hedi Lutey $250
Neal R. Matthews $500
Benjamin McCord $300
Oroville Garden Center Inc. $2,000
James R. Carrell $2,000
Chico Garden Center Inc. $2,000
Cohasset Store $150
Michael D. Cowan $800
Max Cutler $1,000
John Dangelo $3,000
Spencer M. Doty $350
Ron Elms $200
David J. Field $500
David A. Gilbert $500
Caron Abbott $500
Agmart, Inc. $2,000
American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, Chico Chapter $200
Jerry Barnett $1,000
Bussabawa Bunruean $500

Supporters of Measure A have raised $33,500 for their cause. The following is a list of contributors who have given more than $100 in cash or in-kind contributions to support Measure A as of Sept. 30:

ASE Live Stock $500
Robert Brewer $250
Mitchell J. Brown $500
Butte County Cattlemen's Association $2,500
Butte County Deputy Sheriff Association $1,000
David Daley $500
LeVerne Daley $500
Sally Donati $500
Grubbs Ranch $500
Candance J. Grubbs $500
Butte County Farm Bureau Non-Dues Amount $10,000
Jeanne Cecchi $100
Connelly for Assessor $100
Linda Dahlmeier $200
Francis E.Kloss $250
Karon LaMalfa $400
Larry Wahl for Supervisor 2018 $1,000
Linda Lewis $200
Mark A.Lundberg $100
Geneva Harris $100
Deborah Ingvoldsen $100
Jimmy's Trophies $200
Gordon Jones $3,500
Maureen Kirk $200
Belinda Staff $500
Cynthia Stevenson $250
Karen Taber $600
Karen Taber $600
The LJ Early and DJ Early Rev Trust $500
Loretta A. Torres $250
Christine Wisecarver $500
Rick Wright $250
Lois Miller $1,000
James M. Paova $1,000
Micheal Ramesy $500
Cecelina Reinhardt $100
Perry L. Reniff $500
Louis Rotar Jr $250
Robert E. Sherwood $500
Jerry Smith $500
Kathy Smith $100
Christian Sommers $250

Source: Butte County Election Office


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