Mom: My daughter was fat-shamed by CA education code

Apr 12, 2016 12:10 PM by News Staff

A Red Bluff mom is upset, saying her teenage daughter is being fat-shamed by the California Education code's body mass index test.

And she says the state's standards are keeping her daughter from taking classes at Red Bluff High School that could put her on a path to her future career.

A Red Bluff mom is asking when we live in a time where we're supposed to celebrate diversity why is her 15 year old daughter being punished for not meeting a specific physical standard.

When Tammie McCoy’s 15 year old daughter came home from school and said she'd been labeled “obese” she was outraged.

“No girl should ever think they're obese, period,” Tammie said. “You should rock what you have and own it. It's who you are.”

The Red Bluff High School sophomore had been weighed on the mandatory body mass index scale. And what came back, devastated the developing teen.

“I know I’m in 30 percent, which is deemed obese,” Alycia said. “And I’m not obese.”

“For them to say my kid is obese, excuse me,” Tammi said. “I get mad when they call me obese and I am chunky, and I own it.”

The label enraged her mom who has learned to love her own body.

“My whole life I have struggled with self-image, I just recently became confident,” Tammie said.

According to the state's policy, all students must pass 5 of 6 fitness tests to make them exempt from taking physical education. Alycia said she failed two of the tests; the BMI, and the timed one mile run, despite several attempts.

“(I told myself) Ok. I’m going to make this…and I didn’t,” Alycia said.

“She tried so hard to try and pass that mile and to miss it by 11 seconds. That's disheartening,” Tammi said. “I can't run a mile. I bet you half the teachers in there can't run the mile.”

School officials said Alycia’s body mass index and her time on the one mile run means next year, its back to PE, which means this future chef won't be able to take culinary arts.

Alycia said she is now focused on her body image, something she's never had a problem with in the past. “She said, ‘if I can't run it, I guess I have to go on a strict diet,’” Tammie said. “For the first time in my kid’s life, she said ‘I have to go on a strict diet,’ and i just lost it.”

“Some people aren't born to be skinny Minnie with just lean body fat, it's just stupid,” Tammie said.

According to the Red Bluff Joint Union High School District, the five out of six physical education tests are state mandated.

But the district and school staff will be meeting this week to discuss options under the education code, that could affect which classes the students will be required to take.


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