Moldy apartment causing health problems, concern for tenants

Mar 4, 2016 7:39 PM by News Staff

A fourplex-unit in Redding was partially gutted after a water leak inside one of the apartments spread throughout the entire building and it's alarming one caregiver who believes her patient's health is suffering because of all the damage.

The renter said the management property illegally began tearing out the kitchens at this fourplex on Adams Lane.

Bonnie Falkowski, advocate for the tenant of the moldy apartment, said he's been having issues for a while.

"We were told it was safe and then he called me at 10pm and was begging me to take him because he couldn't breathe,” she said.

29-year old Al lives in the in one of the units of the fourplex. Al said he is legally blind and deaf and has asthma.

The fourplex he lives in has water damage and, according to his advocate, that damage has caused an overgrowth of mold.

She said it started over the past year and it wasn't until last Thursday that Coldwell Bankers, the owners of the property, decided to do something about it.

"They told him he was going to get a brand new kitchen in the remodel," Falkowski said. "He was excited for a remodel, only to find out they tore his whole apartment down."

Falkowski claims Coldwell Bankers didn't give Al or the other two tenants

Any notice prior to the day they came to fix the damage.

That’s illegal according to development services supervisor Erich Mayn, who said the company was also doing the repairs without any permits.

“There were four kitchen that had been stripped down to the wooden studs because of all the water damage," Mayne said.

There was asbestos inside the fourplex but Mayne could not confirm whether there is mold, pending a lab test.

Mayne went to the property monday and issued a "stop work" order. The repairs cannot be completed until the company comes back with a permit.

Falkowski said the other tenants have continued living in their apartments while the repairs were going on.

“I’m hoping they put these people up, it's their responsibility,” she said.

Coldwell Bankers declined to comment on the matter.

Falkowski says they gave Al a $150 check to cover living and food expenses for now.

There is no time frame for when the repairs will be complete.


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