Mold Removal Inside Chico Fire Station 5 Set To Begin

Dec 5, 2013 7:34 PM

The City of Chico has moved forward with the removal of mold inside of the Chico Fire Station 5 starting Monday, December 9th.

Fire Station 5 workers will be working in an on-site trailer, Public Works Director Ruben Martinez said. Fire officials have decided to leave the fire trucks and equipment inside the station while contractors are working.

Mold was discovered in several areas inside the station after the August tests. It’s believed to be the result of longtime roof leaks that have caused headaches for fire crews working inside the station since its opening in 1999.

The city still needs to determine the problem with the buildings interior, there has been a lot of speculation on what is causing this mold, Martinez said.

“We will do a full assessment to determine what the real issue is,” he said.

Chico Interim Fire Chief Keith Carter stated he doesn’t believe the mold poses any current threats to the firefighters working inside Fire Station 5.


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