Mogadishu hotel rocked by deadly bomb blasts

Jan 1, 2014 3:09 PM

CBS/AP January 1, 2014

MOGADISHU, Somalia -- Police say two car bombs have exploded outside a hotel in Somalia's capital that often is used by foreigners and government officials, killing six people and wounding eight.

Abdikadir Abdirahman, the director of a private ambulance service, told Reuters at least 11 people had been killed. Reuters also reported that a third blast took place about an hour after the first two explosions when a bomb went off inside a car that was being searched by the military.

Senior police Capt. Mohamed Hussein, who gave the casualty figures, said it wasn't immediately known who was responsible for the blasts outside the Jazeera Hotel near Mogadishu's international airport on Wednesday night.

However, the al Qaeda-linked Islamic rebels of al-Shabab frequently stage lethal attacks in Somalia near the seat of government and at sites popular with foreigners.

In a radio message Tuesday, a senior al-Shabab commander warned civilians to stay away from government buildings as well as sites controlled or owned by foreigners. The commander, Ali Mohammed Hussein, said attacks were imminent in Mogadishu.

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