Missing Oroville man found safe by firefighting hero

Apr 27, 2016 12:21 PM by News Staff

A 65-year old developmentally-disabled Oroville man was reported missing by his family Tuesday. On Wednesday, his family received the good news that he had been found safe.

The Oroville Police Department is crediting the alertness of a firefighter which led to the discovery of the missing James Marr.

"It’s great,” Oroville Police Sergeant John Sanzone said. “To reunite him with his family members. We've already been in contact with his sister and she was ecstatic. The care home was ecstatic that he was back. It's a great resolution to what started out to be a bad case."

Marr was found early Teusday after having been missing for more than 27 hours. He said he left his care home Monday to walk to the Department of Behavioral Health.

Nicholas Carson with Cal Fire said they were returning from a medical call when he noticed something in the tall grass at the intersection of Del Oro and Nelson, adjacent to the Cal Fire station in Oroville.

"I saw a middle aged man lying in the grass, kind of rolling around like he couldn't get up, and at that time we stopped and talked to him and determined that he couldn't get up and he had been there since last night," Carson said.

The hero firefighter said the grass next to the station is fairly tall, about four or five feet above the ground, and he credits the vehicle they were driving which helped him spot Marr.

"I think the only reason we were able to spot him versus another car was how high up we were riding in the fire engine," Carson said.

The Oroville Police say Marr will remain at the hospital to undergo medical observation and treatment, but he is doing much better.


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