Missing Alturas boys found after search

Mar 25, 2016 8:25 PM by News Staff

Modoc Sheriff's deputies reported that the two boys missing from the community center of the XL reservation in the Alturas area of Modoc County have been found safe and sound. They are back with their parents.

Justin Runge and Bo Gali were found just after 4 p.m. Friday.

Modoc Sheriffs said they will release more information after speaking to the parents.


Officials said they are in contact with the manufacturer to try to locate the tablet to find the children.

Cassandra Runge said she is certain Justin and Bo would not have taken off on their own accord.

Justin Runge is described as approximately 5-feet-tall with sandy blond hair and blue eyes, 90 pounds was last seen wearing a black sweater with Marilyn Monroe on it and blue jeans.

Bo Gali is described as 5-foot-2-inches tall with black hair and wearing blue jeans and green sweater.

Cassandra said she saw a blue Dodge pickup truck with three white males in the vicinity of the community center just after the boys were discovered to be missing. She said she cannot be sure if the truck is involved but reported it to deputies.

Anyone with information regarding the missing boys should contact the Modoc Sheriff as soon as possible.


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