Miss Black California Prepares For National Competition

Mar 1, 2010 6:53 PM

She already has the title of "Miss Black California," but now Tara Dale Sanders is hoping to add another prestigious title to her name, "Miss Black USA." She says winning the pageant will give her the chance to spread her message nation-wide. "We have an opportunity to really influence not only young black women but all women and all children in a positive way that going to college really is a stepping stone and a tool you can use for success."

Although many people have shown support for Sanders, some negative comments have been posted online, not about her, but about the pageant itself. Some people claim its racist, but Sanders says it is a way for young women to show their talent and skills, while connecting with their culture. "It's not just about being Black, it's not just about being White, it's an opportunity to really identify with who you are and I think if people saw it from that light, I think they would really understand why this pageant exist."

Sanders hopes the community will show their support by coming to her fundraiser right here at the Madison Bear Garden. "I would love it if the community would rally behind me and to show everyone else and all the nay-sayers that we do support a program like this and you are proud to have Miss Black California living in Chico." Sanders stated.

Sanders will compete in the Miss Black USA competition this summer.

For each burger or chicken sandwich purchased Monday evening, Madison Bear Garden will contribute one dollar to Sanders. The fundraiser will run until eight p.m. Tickets can be printed off of Tara Dale Sanders' facebook page.


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