Military Race Car

May 29, 2010 8:55 PM

The driver of this mini stock race car is hoping to rev up some support for active military members. Barbara and Olin Crain have designed the vehicle as a tribute to the troops, painting all four branches of the military on the race car. They also have the names of their two sons and son in law, who are currently serving overseas. "I worry about them but you know I'm proud of them," Olin explained.

They want others to show how proud they are too. "This is a very community oriented town and I am hoping that other members will come out and let us know of their family or friend in the military and cheer this car on," Barbara said.

Anyone can sign up their family or friend who is actively in the military and the Crains will paint their name on the race car. They say it is a fun way to salute their efforts. "I think it's going to make them feel really proud and to be able to come out and not just cheer on our car and my husband being the driver, also every soldier that's listed on the vehicle, you're cheering for them," Barbara stated.

As for the driver, his challenge will be staying on the raceway! "They call me 'Rollin' Olin' because I have a tendency to flip cars sometimes!"

This will be the first time for the race car to hit the tracks on the Orland Speedway as a tribute to the troops. The races run every Saturday night at seven. Admission is eight dollars.


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