Merkel blasts Wahl for prior DUI booking

May 30, 2014 7:08 PM

Butte County District Two Candidate Andrew Merkel is blasting incumbent Larry Wahl for his 1996 DUI booking.

He’s doing it through mailers that read, “Larry Wahl Loves Alcohol…And he has a DUI to prove it!,” sent out to 3,200 county voters.

Merkel said it's a form of political satire as a way to bring out the issue.

Wahl confirmed it happened, but said it’s old news.

Over the phone, he told Action News Now that if Merkel has nothing else to work with, then it's sad he can't talk about the issues.

But Merkel said Wahl has displayed poor leadership since taking office in 2011.

This the first time Merkel has run for office.

If elected, it would be Wahl's second four-year term.


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