Mental health patient dies after struggle with Redding police

Jul 28, 2014 11:49 AM by News Staff

An Orland man who had been in critical condition after becoming combative with Redding Police last weekend has died.

The man, Matt Robinson, who reportedly had mental health issues, was being transported from Chico to a psychiatric health center in Redding on July 19 when the transport driver had to lock him in the back seat and call for help.

Redding Police responded, they said Robinson got out of the vehicle and lunged at an officer. Other officers joined to gain control over him and noticed he had stopped breathing.

Robinson was immediately transported to Mercy Medical Center, where he passed away over the weekend.

This is the second death that's come after a physical altercation with Redding Police. In October of last year, Steven Motley died three days after he led police on a car chase that ended with a physical altercation.


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