Medical Marijuan Ordinance Passed...

May 24, 2011 9:04 PM

It was another long afternoon for Butte County Supervisors as they held yet another meeting, trying to strike common ground on the regulation and cultivation of medical marijuana. " It's all one sided, you're all narrow minded", said a Butte County resident.
Many who attended the meeting were passionate about the issue, saying the ordinance would take away their rights and bluntly violates proposition 215. " It's far too restrictive, especially on the poorest people, people should be able to grow their own holistic medication at their homes", said Butte County resident Richard Tognoli.
The ordinance allows for no more than six plant for one and a half acres or less, and no more than 99 on lots bigger than 160 acres. Anyone who grows more than six plants must also pay an annual registration fee of 285 dollars. Many argue that marijuana is not what the county should be worried about. " There's 800 meth labs that you guys have busted in this county that are filled with chemicals that you guys have yet to clean up", said a Butte County resident.
Those against the ordinance had a much stronger presence at the meeting. Those who supported it say, it's because they actually feared the repercussions. " People are afraid to stand up because of what people like me go through that do stand up", said one Butte County resident. Another added, " Most people that live next door to it are scared to come out and speak about it".
Though a decision has been reached, many say the fight isn't over, " It will end up going to court, and we'll waste lots of money and time".


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