Measure R debate picks up steam in Willows

Apr 15, 2014 7:47 PM

For the fourth time in five years, residents of Willows will vote on a measure to approve a general obligation bond to improve its schools.

The Glenn County Elections Office said similar measures were defeated by voters twice in 2008, and once more in 2012.

The bond is a $14 million general obligation bond, seen on taxable property within the school district boundaries.

One group leading up “Yes on Measure R” said a bond is the only way you make real improvements with schools such as Murdock Elementary in Willows.

Another group, Responsible School Solutions, said such a bond is too expensive for taxpayers.

“We want a different solution,” said Susan Parisio. “We've never been asked to come to the table in the past three elections, when the bond has been defeated. [We’ve] never been asked to participate, what are your ideas for something different.”

“She's said that for the last four bond issues and we've asked her what her what her solutions are,” said Jim Lambert, Chair of Yes on Measure R. “And she has not come up with any solutions that are viable.”

Voters will be able to vote yes or no for Measure R on June 3rd.


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